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1579 Gateway Road, Snowmass, Colorado 81654

Ph: (970) 927-3313, Fax: (970) 927-0507

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Architect:  Sopris Architecture

Architect:  Sopris Architecture

Sopris Architecture is a Colorado Architectural Firm that provides architectural/engineering services for a multitude of architectural project types from governmental, higher education to K-12 schools.  Project types within the Governmental Grouping include Community/Recreation Centers, Sheriff’s Departments and Jails, Courthouse Additions and Remodels, Judicial Centers, Fires/Ambulance Station, Exhibit Centers and Rodeo Grounds, County Government Commons and Libraries and Road and Bridge Facilities.  Recently Sopris Architecture has worked with County Governments on their Additions, Remodels and Renovations as well as numerous Feasibility Studies and Program Plans.  On Higher Education project types Sopris Architecture has helped College and University Clientele develop new Residence Halls and Dormitories, Faculty Office Facilities, Classroom Buildings and Administration Buildings.  For K-12 Sopris Architecture has developed a number of Elementary Schools, High School Remodels and Additions.  If any of these project types meet your needs read more by simply selecting “Home” or “More” to the right or call us or fill in the information boxes in the field on the upper right and we will call you.  Sopris Architecture “building your environment to meet your needs!”

Sopris Architecture develops all architectural projects with their customer’s needs in mind and as soon as practical in the 3rd dimension so the client receives a greater and thorough understanding of their project.  Floor Plans, Elevations, Roof Plans, Building and Wall Sections, Details are all developed and instantly extracted from a computer model of their project.  This BIM (Building Information Modeling) approach provides the client early on understanding of their project, an understanding that is difficult to achieve through a 2D project approaches.  Sopris Architecture has the expertise, knowledge and understanding of this 3D system and is able to walk the client through their project prior to the expense of construction.  Difficult concepts are readily understood and details are developed and executed within the computer instead of difficult and costly site modifications.  Projects including Residential are developed in 3D from the start once the general layout is understood.  Adjustments and  modifications are made on the fly and all 2D drawings are instantaneously updated for use by the construction team.  If you desire further information on our 3D approach simply select the “Home Page” or “More” above and navigate to the Custom Residential I and II of this website or fill in your contact information above and we will contact you!

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